Passport to Plate | Welcoming refugees and combating discrimination

Project Team:

Saarah , Chantelle , Claudia , Angel, Clair , Holly & Charlotte


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we promote acceptance of refugees in Australia and end discrimination against them?

Customer / Problem

Refugees often arrive in Australia with few social connections and face many barriers to settling into their new home including language barriers, lack of economic opportunities, and discrimination from other Australians. The discrimination they experience is often based on misinformation, misunderstandings and a fear of cultures that are seen as "other". This discrimination and misunderstanding prevents refugees from being able to form new networks and friendships that would greatly help them navigate and feel safe in their new environment. 

What Is Your Solution?

Passport to Plate is an annual series of night food markets held in the heart of Sydney that provides an opportunity for refugees to share their culture with other Australians through food. Attendees of the markets will each receive a "passport" which guides them through variety foods and cultural customs and where they can record key pieces of information to win prizes. Answers to the passport trivia questions can only be found out by asking the stall-holders, encouraging conversation and cultural sharing between refugees and attendees.

Refugees will receive training and equipment to use the markets as an opportunity to learn about preparing and serving food commercially, as well as small business management and marketing. If they wish to continue pursuing food service as a business, they will be connected to supporting organisations for the resources and support they need. 

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