RAR: Rise Above Racism | Educate people on how they can take action against racism.

Project Team:

Jean-Ella Truscott , Samaja Miller , Takayah Clinch , Challastine Yarran , Kasey Smirke


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we spread awareness of the effects of racism? 


Customer / Problem

White people who want to stop the racism they see but are unsure how.

A white student in secondary college has friends who are making jokes about indigenous boys. He wants to say something but is afraid he'll get kicked out of the group. How can we give him the support and skills to speak up?

What Is Your Solution?

A series of workshops to increase the knowledge of racism and how to challenge and make a change. These Workshops will cover topics such as:

  • Teambuilding - Ice breaker challenges and group exercises
  • Inspirational Speakers - Such as Cathy Freeman, Adam Goodes, Jessica Mauboy to share their experiences and stories
  • Peer to Peer Sharing - Students will have the opportunity to share and discuss their own personal experiences
  • The Future - How we can work together to create change? how do we educate people that recognise racism isn't acceptable?
  • Awareness - Through discussions create greater awareness of our personal actions - such as owning up to mistakes
  • Reconciliation and celebration - celebration of cultural events such as NAIDOC and Reconciliation week.



Support Required


We need support from teachers to develop the workshops to create more awareness.

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