Helping people show respect towards everyone no matter the colour of their skin.

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New Idea

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Bethel Habte, Deepika Bogahawatta

Problem Statement

The problem that we have found is that some people are being treated with disrespect simply due to the colour of their skin. People may use offensive words that make others feel small. Everyone is equal and we believe that  no-one should feel disrespected due to their background or culture. 

How might we connect everyone's values and beliefs to unite as one large independent community?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is those who want to learn more about what respectful conversation looks like when it comes to different cultures and background.


Our solution is a website for all ages that helps people to understand and respect one another. It is a place where people can share their story and their journey so that others can build empathy with them. A key feature of the website will be interactive content that shows you what respectful conversation sounds like and how to talk to people from different cultures respectfully. There will also be the opportunity for people on the app to connect with each other. 

Support Required


We are looking for advice on how we can improve our idea, what other key features should exist and how we can promote this so that it is adopted in the community.

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