The Off Roaders | Helping homeless people in the community

Project Team:

Mia , Gracie , Julie



Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

There are high levels of homelessness in Queensland. How might we provide homeless people with more access to resources and support? 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are socially conscious people in the community. They want to eat good food and would rather spend their money on social enterprises which do good for their local community. Our other customers are people living without a home who will receive our support packages which are funded from the sales of our food and drink. 

What Is Your Solution?

This social enterprise is a snack van through which all profits from food and drink sold are directed towards providing support for homeless people. The Off-Roaders operate under the slogan "Buy a snack, provide a pack". The snack van will serve a range of food and drink and primarily park in locations such as schools and universities. 


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