Second Place: Hax and Tipz

Making remote learning fun, engaging and supportive for Year 7 students in VIC during COVID-19!

Student Project

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Jenny, Murtaza, Mohammad, Zengqin, Fei

Problem Statement

How might we make online learning more interesting and engaging for Year 7 students?

Customer / Problem

Students are finding it difficult to interact with other students during remote learning. Students may feel alone while doing online school, especially because social interaction is so important. Year 7’s are struggling to transition from primary school to high school, and need extra support to build their confidence as they start in a new school environment.


Hax and Tipz is an app that allows a student to customise their own profile with their hobbies as well as their interests. Year 7s can chat and learn among their peers. The app includes features like notifications and events. For example, students can be notified about latest events, reminders, chats and tip and tricks to keep a healthy mental state.

Our target users are Year 7 students, teachers and parents. Because Hax and Tipz is aimed at juniors, it creates a safe space for them to interact as it's used only in schools and where some information can only be seen by teachers and not other peers.  

Momentum has begun! VIC Department of Education has identified that collaboration is really important in online learning. The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership says that remote learning has to become more about building remote communities. 

Our ultimate purpose is to create a place for learning and healthy social interaction for Year 7s. We want to strengthen students' mental health to a point where they feel connected and know they are not alone - students feel motivated and in control. They take care of themselves in a way where they feel mentally healthy and stay positive about what's next, no matter what!


Hax and Tipz screen example

Support Required


Connections to schools and the Department of Education, to keep working on ways we find our first customer and understand their needs!


Advice that helps us deepen our understanding of who our first customers could be. How can we keep tailoring our product to our customer?

Further advice on barriers and ways we can potentially overcome these in getting our MVP to market!

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