Serenity Community Hub Initiative | Promoting a sense of belonging to our community.

Project Team:

Mandy , Emilija , Maddison , Gemma


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we create a more inclusive community in the Miami area?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are the people in the Miami community. Miami is so diverse that it sometimes it drowns the sense of belonging. Most individuals see themselves only in terms of the subgroups they belong to, preventing a sense of belonging to the larger community. 

What Is Your Solution?

The Serenity Community Hub Initiative is a non-profit initiative that uses resources in the community to engender a sense of belonging to the larger group. The initiative creates hubs in the community that get people from all social and cultural backgrounds to contribute to and feel part of these hubs. Initiatives such as community gardens invite diverse individuals to belong to and work together to achieve an agreed-upon vision and celebrate each others' contribution. Proceeds from the hubs go to support projects in the community that benefit everyone.

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