Sheatens Awareness Socks | Improving the mental health of young people through role models sharing their stories.

Project Team:

Michael , Lucas




Bayview Secondary College

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve mental health? 


Customer / Problem

Anyone affected by mental health will benefit from our product. 

While many people face struggles with mental illnesses, there is still a lack of awareness around the complexities of it. People may not understand the importance of retaining good mental wellbeing, and face stigma in accessing support. On an individual level, this can severely diminish someone's quality of life. On a community level, poor mental wellbeing contributes to negative work and education environments.

What Is Your Solution?

To improve awareness of mental health issues, Sheaters Awareness Socks will sell pairs of socks. We will work with influencers and celebrities to share their stories and experiences of mental health issues. When customers order a pair of socks, they will also receive a signed card from the influencer/celebrity that tells their story.

This will also allow people experiencing mental health issues to feel less isolation and have a role model to look up to when trying to manage their mental well-being. 

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