SQUEEZE IT ! | We want to help young people who feel anxious or stressed by giving them something they can touch to help their touch and smell senses to keep them calm.

Project Team:

Summer , Wenna , Laura , Lilianah , Isabella


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people calm down if they have anxiety or stress? 

Customer / Problem

Our customer is any young person who experiences anxiety or stress in any way. This could be a school girl who struggles to express her anxiety and doesn't know how to ask for help. 

What Is Your Solution?

We think that slime is really stress relieving because the texture is smooth and fun. It can help take their minds off any stress or anxiety that they might be feeling. We believe that scented slime is really calming and we have created scents like lavender, citrus and strawberry based on people's preferences gathered from our surveys. Slime is easy to make and easy to supply to Prototyping with playdough to create our slime!our potential customers. 

Support Required


We might need connections in the kid's stress toy industry. Slime already exists in the market but we want to make it better. We would like to speak to someone with experience so that we can learn how to make the best slime scented product. 


We think that we need $300 to start off this business. 

We estimate $100 for slime in bulk - maybe around 10kg

We need $100 for containers and logos 

We need $100 for scented oils to mix into the slime. 


We think that we need help with investment in order to buy the products. We also need help prototyping the slime- creating it and mixing in the scents etc. We need to experiment with this to create the right texture and smell. Time in a laboratory to create the slime and also money to buy the materials would be helpful for us. 

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Academy for Enterprising Girls Seymour College



South Australia