We don't want racism so help us remove it, step by step.

Stop The Racism | Educating people on the negative effects of racism and discrimination.

Project Team:

Ebony , Sage , Heidi , Liliana , Bibiana


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we show others that we are all the same despite the colour of our skin and our cultural backgrounds.

Customer / Problem

Our customers are people in primary or high school that are being bullied due to their different culture, background or colour of their skin. They are suffering from verbal or physical abuse, isolation and exclusion. 


What Is Your Solution?

Stop The Racism! is a website and app that aims to spread awareness on the negative effects of racism and discrimination. Users can design their own poster and upload it to the website or app with a financial donation. Stop The Racism! will then professionally create and provide a series of posters to the original user. 

Support Required


We'll need people to take a look ate our website and donate money and upload a picture so we can print and continue our work.



We'll need advice for how to make the website/app.

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