Sustainable Loop | Reducing the need for single-use products

Project Team:

Espoir , Riley , Ricardo , Dylan , Marcian


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

The problem we found facing our community is the negative environmental impact of non-recyclable products and single-use products.

How might we better educate the public on environmental sustainability and at the same time help clean up the environment?

Customer / Problem

Single-use items are destroying the environment and there are not enough companies with transparent values creating products to help solve this.

Around 55 percent of global plastic waste is discarded, 25 percent is incinerated, and 20 percent is recycled. Of the plastic waste produced between 1950 and 2015, only 9 percent was recycled.

What Is Your Solution?

We developed an organisation that aims to lower the impact environmental waste and educate the public on the damage single-use and waste products cause to the environment.

Through volunteering work, our organisation aims to repurpose waste products and recycle them into new re-useable products.


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