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TLIAE | Implementing more cultural training and awareness of Indigenous Australia into schools.

Project Team:

Zach , Bridget , Emily , Margot , Hannah



Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate people about the lack of cultural representation at school and include it in the curriculum?

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Customer / Problem

Schools, organisations, and workplaces may not have strong integration of cultural awareness training. This fosters a lack of understanding about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture, history, and the continued challenges facing communities today. A lack of empathy can contribute to stereotypes, prejudice, and false perceptions of Indigenous people.

What Is Your Solution?

Team Lemon Indigenous Australian Education (TLIAE) delivers fee for service, onsite training and cultural awareness workshops to schools and other workplaces. TLIAE will hire Indigenous speakers to present training and raise money through cultural activities. Profits will be donated to Indigenous Australian communities across the country. This will facilitate cross cultural understanding, while supporting marginalised communities.

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