Truber | Helping young tradies get to work.

Project Team:

Xavier Farrell , Max Haun , Jack Giddens , Will Elmer


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

How might we make trades more accessible for young people?

Customer / Problem

Underage tradies, people who have lost their licences, or people who can't afford a car or the costs of cars, may lack the means to travel to work. 

This could affect their employability prospects, their incomes, and standard of living. This problem is particularly relevant for gig workers and tradies whose place of work may be constantly changing and potentially inaccessible by public transport.

What Is Your Solution?

In order to support these people, our solution is to help these young tradies get to work with their tools, on time, without breaking the bank by:

  • Offering an Uber style app where companies can pre-book drivers to get their apprentices to different jobs with their tools
  • We will partner a major tool company such as Milwaukee to provide discounted rates for tools and appliances


Support Required


We will be pitching the idea to Milwaukee and other tool companies to support and potentially supply the vehicles. They are going to receive a cut of the profits, and critical exposure to young customers early in their apprenticeship.

We will speak to design and IT companies about setting up the app.

We're going to speak to other potential sponsors to help get this running, such as Tradie Deodorant and underwear, and Reece Plumbing Supplies.

We will also speak to TAFEs about partnering up to find clients for the app, as well as providing them support.

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