The Tube | To clean the ocean and help the marine animals that live in it

Project Team:

Maximus Muraro , Lockie Murnane , Jack Farrel , Jared Napier


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life Below Water

What is the problem you found?

How might we help save our oceans and marine animals through eradicating plastic waste from disposed in the ocean.

Customer / Problem

How do we reduce the amount of plastic disposed in our oceans without changing my lifestyle?

What Is Your Solution?

'The Tube' is designed to suck plastic waste from the ocean and collect inside the plastic box. Once the plastic waste is collected it can be returned it to one of our recycling plants for $1 per 500 grams of plastic waste.

The design will also be designed to attach to people's boats, so people can clean up the ocean while out on their boats.

There are currently 5.25 trillion pieces in the plastic in the ocean with your help we can lower this number and eventually eradicate all plastic from our oceans.

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Warners Bay High School Program



New South Wales