Use It | Rethinking everyday items as wearable technology accessories

Project Team:

Grace Louey , Ann Choun , Elise Ha


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we make more usable accessorised technology?

In our empathy interviews we found that many people may not be able to afford a smartwatch. So we came up with the idea to take everyday objects that we use and add some technology into them.

Customer / Problem

Our customers are students and young people who are looking for affordable but stylish wearable technology accessories, for example watches and glasses.

What Is Your Solution?

We came up with 5 ideas during the ideation phase:

- A phone with a solar panel to charge it

- A necklace with a little chip that you can use to access wifi

- A pair of glasses that you can see holograms through

- A scrunchie that has a tracker in it

- A taser pen that can also draw in the air

Our classmates said they were most interested in the pen idea and provided some feedback, suggesting that we make a few more modifications. We drew a prototype that included a clock(digital), camera, a lighter, a computer(hologram), SOS button, flashlight, pen and whiteboard marker and a pen tip that could draw in the air.

Support Required


We would like connections to help us develop and distribute our product into many different stores worldwide.


We would also appreciate funding help to further develop this idea.


We would like help to develop this product because I don't have the correct equipment or technology to do it at this stage.

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