#Wackywindmills | Raising awareness about renewable energy in a fun and engaging way!

Project Team:

Jane Mansfield + River Greer , Jayla Gill , Auriah Jordan-Smith , Milly Priest , Elsie Callaway



Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we raise awareness for renewable energy within our community in a fun way?


Customer / Problem

There hasn't been enough education in the area of renewable energy. People around the world aren't aware of the benefits that things like solar panels and wind turbines provide for themselves and the environment. 

What Is Your Solution?

'Wacky Windmills' is a fun creative challenge where people can purchase one of our mini wind turbines, decorate it with whatever they want and spread their wacky windmill on social media using the hashtag, #wackywindmills. 

This hashtag will spread awareness about the benefits of renewable energy and how people all over the world can help. The bonus is that this is a fun, creative challenge for all participants.

Support Required


We would love some help funding this project.


We would love some advice on how we can improve this idea.

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AEG Orange High School October 2020