Combating youth unemployment

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How might we assist youth in finding jobs?

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Currently the youth unemployment rate in Australia is 12.5%. This not only increases crime rates and anti-social behaviour in youth, but it also stunts economic growth.


Our solution is to create an app - "Workmate". Workmate would be free to use and available for mobile download. Through the app, young people searching for employment would be able to register with an account that would connect them to a wide range of employers. As the app would be tailored toward employees actively interested in recruiting and upskilling young people, users of the app would have a much higher chance of finding (and keeping) quality employment. 

For many young people, finding employment early is the key to starting along a lifelong positive trajectory. Through our app, we hope to help fix the youth unemployment issue and create a safer community for all.

a pains and gains matrix for employers

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