Zume | Encouraging people to transition to electric vehicles.

Project Team:

Darcy , Ben , Harry , William , Thomas




Taroona High School

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we push for the urgency of electric vehicles?

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Customer / Problem

Climate conscious users of apps such as Uber or Didi may be seeking a more sustainable alternative. Transportation accounts for a significant proportion of emissions, contributing to climate change and worsening the effects of global heating. 

Many users do not think about their environmental footprint nor consider that there are more sustainable ways to commute. 


What Is Your Solution?

Zume is an Uber-like service that exclusively uses electric cars. Focused on promoting the benefits of electric vehicles, activities will include training drivers to inform consumers on the nuances of electric cars while they are transported. Zume will also have a show room where people can view vehicles and engage with informed staff. 

This will promote the benefits of electric vehicles, and make information more accessible to users who may want to switch to more sustainable transport.

Zume brainstorm

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