The Green Gymnasium Organisation | We aim to transform gyms into sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly community facilities.

Project Team:

Bharathi Gotyal , Akilah Martinez , Agnes Muthalakuzhiyim , Carmen Ng Chelsea Ng , Anoushka Salian


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

Not enough renewable energy is used in communities. As gyms run 24/7 to cater to the public, applying renewable energy to gyms is a step into the future of a society run by renewable energy.

What is your opportunity?

How might we combat the issue of increased energy usage in communities, and how might we integrate renewable energy in a more prominent way?

Who is your audience?

Gyms that rely on the main grid to power their facility will be helped when they sign us up to transform them into Green Gymnasiums. Also, disadvantaged individuals that do not have access to gyms to maintain good physical health benefit from our programs with gyms. We cater to minority groups who are helped by the 20% of gym membership fees being donated to help create programs to increase accessibility to exercise programs.

What Is Your Solution?

Our organisation transforms gyms by:

  • Converting energy output generated from people using gym machines into electrical energy
  • Implementing footstep technology and using energy produced from group classes 
  • Installing solar panels to cover the gym's remaining energy needs

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Environmental Impact Challenge

Challenge Partners


Hurlstone Agricultural High School


New South Wales