Good Life Growth | Providing all audiences with the opportunity to be educated on finance and give everyone a chance to make money and appropriately save and invest.

Project Team:

Gabriella Graves , Lola Copas , Zarita Li , Ellen Xue , Amy Chieh


New Idea


Saint Stephens College

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

There is a financial understanding gap in society.

What is your opportunity?

The opportunity is to teach all audiences how to earn, save and invest money

Who is your audience?

All individuals that need financial wellbeing knowledge and want a second chance achieve certain economic dreams

What Is Your Solution?

A course with multiple opportunies for all ages and ethnic backgrounds to make money, with accomanying app to monitor money made, saved and invested.


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Financial Wellbeing Youth Design Challenge

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Saint Stephens College 1/2 Day Design Challenge