Judges' Choice: Busy Budget Bee | Helping students learn financial planning by teaching them through an entertaining class.

Project Team:

Ebony , Matilda , Kyra , Meg , Estelle


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

Most teenagers are ill equipped to financially prepare themselves for life due to a lack of financial education and will be unable to budget, set goals, or maintain financial stability.

What is your opportunity?

How might we teach teenagers to financially prepare themselves for the future?

Who is your audience?

This course is for Year 9 and 10s who don't know how to financially prepare themselves for the future.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is a subject/class that must be taught in every high school throughout the ninth and tenth grades. Students will learn about financial planning, terminology, and how to set long-term goals. The class will use a website that contains financial planning-related activities, modules, and Kahoots. They will learn new terminology and plans each term. 

They will play games, have different guest speakers, use websites and applications, and so on.

Each term we have a different topic that is being taught for the first 4 terms they will be taught:

Term 1: The basics of budgeting

Term 2: Understand interest rates

Term 3: Prioritizing savings

Term 4: Credit-Debt cycle traps.

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