Past Design Challenges.

Future of Travel Youth Design Challenge


The Future of Travel Design Challenge was run in partnership with Flight Centre Travel Group between July – November 2022.

Future of Finance Youth Design Challenge


This challenge will be available for delivery in Terms 1 and 2 2023, sign up here to get access to the resources!

Coronavirus Youth Design Challenge


10-21 years old? Be a problem solver! Brainstorm ideas and submit your solution. Second Round Open May 11th to June 18th. $3,000 rewards pool.

Environmental Impact Challenge


10-21 years old? Passionate about the environment? Thanks to Alinta Energy this is your chance to develop solutions to create a better future. Open September 4th to December 4th.

QLD Stop Cyberbullying Challenge


The Stop Cyberbullying Challenge is designed to empower young people across QLD to develop solutions to reduce cyberbullying in their communities.

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Future of Fashion Design Challenge


Do you wear clothing? Do you want to change how clothing is designed, produced, shared and used? This is your chance to be part of innovating the fashion industry! Submit your solution by the 30th of June.

Financial Wellbeing Youth Design Challenge


Money plays a significant role in how we live our lives, make decisions and prepare for the future! Join this challenge and be part of improving the financial wellbeing of Australian youth! Runs from 10 June - 25 November.

Climate Action Youth Design Challenge


Be part of the race against climate change! Join our Climate Action Youth Design Challenge running from November 2021 - June 2022

Future of Food Youth Design Challenge

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