Young Change Agents runs regular challenges that empower young people to explore problems in their community, identify who these problems are impacting, develop a solution, and create and share a prototype. On this page you can see all our current and past challenges as well as some that are coming soon! You can participate in our challenges on your own or with a friend, team or family member. They can also be run by your teachers or parents using worksheets and resources we provide. Check out some of the past and upcoming challenges to find out more!

Environmental Impact Challenge


10-21 years old? Passionate about the environment? Thanks to Alinta Energy this is your chance to develop solutions to create a better future. Open September 4th to December 4th.

Coronavirus Youth Design Challenge


10-21 years old? Be a problem solver! Brainstorm ideas and submit your solution. Second Round Open May 11th to June 18th. $3,000 rewards pool.