Cerebro Games

Cultivating a growth mindset in young people

Student Project

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New Idea

Project Team:

Aiden Kelly, Zachary Simpson, Libby Osborne , Mitchell Agresta

Problem Statement

How might we change the mindset positively for people suffering with mental health issues?


Customer / Problem

Young people are statistically more likely to suffer from mental health issues than any other demographic. It can be hard for people struggling with mental illness to envision progress or see recovery in a positive light without the right support.


Cerebro Games is a mobile gaming platform that uses fun, nurturing and educational games to build a growth mindset in its young users. By promoting a growth mindset, Cerebro Games also gently encourages its users to view their recovery in a positive light, which is more likely to inspire personal progress.

painting that says "choose joy"

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Wellington Point State High School





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