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CommUNIti | We exist to help connect international and local university students to provide a better overall university experience.

Project Team:

Ayush Jain , Byron Liu , Jessica Cong



Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we better link international and local university students?

Customer / Problem

Australia has more than 600,000 international students from different parts of the world. These students come to Australia not only gain theoretical knowledge but also connect with the local students and understand the Australian way of living. Likewise, for the local students, they will gain immensely by the international diaspora and become more culturally aware as well as develop a global business acumen.

But the problem-

1. Lack of interaction between the local and international university students

2. No platform for cross university/degree interaction among students  On top of that, international students also face the following problems:

  • Lack of centralized information about university/degrees
  • High cost of resources (tools and services)
  • Cultural/Language Barriers and Homesickness

Our primary customer includes the international university students (aspiring and current) studying in Australia and secondary customer includes the local Australian students.

What Is Your Solution?

commUNIti is an online platform that focuses on increasing the interaction between international and local Australian students by sharing of knowledge and resources and providing support services through an online forum. It is a community that empowers and connects students, providing them an opportunity to meet other students from different educational institutions, degrees and cultural backgrounds.

The platform will provide a cost-effective way to get things done, provide an indirect revenue stream for the students, and help us achieve our main goal, to connect local and international students.


Support Required


Please fill in our surveys here to help us validate our idea:

International Students :

Local Students :


Looking for development help to build our prototype. Please get in touch if you can help or know someone who might be able to. 

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