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Drug Alcohol Virtual Reality Experience | We hope to connect with Australian youth through an immersive, engaging virtual reality experience to show the effects drugs can have on our bodies and minds.

Project Team:

Will , Noah , Daniel , Alex


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

Right now, young people are not connecting with the existing forms of drug education in Australia. We need to be more creative, interactive and interesting in our approach so young people really understand what it means for their lives and bodies to take illicit drugs.

Customer / Problem

An overview of statistics for drug use in Australia. Muswellbrook has experienced a problem with drug use amongst young people. 28.9% aged 18-24 reported illicit drug use and 10% of people aged over 14 have been a victim of illicit drug use.

What Is Your Solution?

A virtual reality experience that simulates the experience of a drug overdose for early stage high school students. They enter a place (for example, a van) and have that experience, or wear a virtual reality headset, which hopefully leads them to not use drugs in the future. This helps to change their perceptions about drugs in an interactive, engaging way.

Support Required


We would welcome connections to local youth groups, who could help us test and validate our social enterprise idea.


Feedback on our idea and business model is welcome. 

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