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Brooklyn Ritches, Angelica Gale-Adriano, Kiara Coleman

Problem Statement

How might we bring the beach to us so that we can regularly go to the beach?

a pair of young people driving a car

Customer / Problem

The beach is too far away. There is a lack of swimming/water facilities in Western Sydney. The social scene in Western Sydney isn't very open to teens, which can lead to issues with idle young people outside of school hours.


We would like to introduce a mobile carpooling service to our local area that will be created specifically for young people. The service will be modelled off of Uber, but include special features that set our app apart from our competitors. These features include a safety check that will ensure all drivers are registered with a Working With Children certificate, as well as a carpooling feature and an interface that caters specifically to a younger audience. Through our service, we hope to improve the social ecosystem of Western Sydney and open up more opportunities for young people.

three wireframes for the app

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New South Wales


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