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Improving our school facilities and instilling confidence in our school

Student Project

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New Idea

Project Team:

Maria Manaois, Kirisimasi Richardson, Alyssa Flynn, Azmal Khan

Problem Statement

How might we convince the education department to help fund new facilities?

Customer / Problem

Public schools struggle to access the government funding they need to improve school facilities. This can have an impact on staff and student wellbeing, as a good learning environment plays a key role in fostering the right headspace when it comes to school. 


We have come up with a scheme we can run within our school which would model our good qualities to the education department so that they would have a stronger incentive to fund the improvement of our school facilities. 

The program would be an electric scooter hire system run from our school. Transport can be an issue from students travelling independently from further away, and safety is a priority in the minds of parents when they are sending their children to school. The use of scooters would provide an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to regular transport, while at the same time generating a mini business within our school community. Through our ability to confidently and responsibly manage the resources provided to us through the scooter hire program, we would be able to more broadly demonstrate our skills and merits to the education  department in order to apply for funding that would ultimately go towards the improvement and maintenance of our exisiting facilities.


a row of scooters

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