The Mini Finance Game | Made by kids for kids, Mini Finance is a board game that teaches kids basic financial skills. We’re making finance fun!

Project Team:

Eve , Rose , Pearl , Myrtle



Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

The problem we have found is that kids don't know much about money. And learning about finances is boring.

How might we make learning about money fun for kids? 

Customer / Problem

Young people who don't know basic money saving, parents of kids that need to learn financial literacy, busy families that don’t have time to teach financial literacy.


What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is that we have built a board game that teaches you about finances in a fun way. It teaches kids how to earn money, spend sensibly, save, get insurance, pay bills and respond to unexpected life situations, like accidents and injury.

Parents are busy, so this board game is a screen-free opportunity for kids to learn about finances independently. Likewise, it’s an opportunity for family members to spend time together, learning in a fun way.

This game is unique in that it is made for kids by kids, so we understand what makes things fun and how kids think. Also, unlike Monopoly or Game of Life, this game focuses entirely on financial literacy. 

Our mission is to make finances fun. Our vision is that all of Gen Alpha will end up with great financial literacy skills so they can live independently and confidently in a changing world.



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