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Erin Healy, Sarah Mole, Ella Gadd, Baliquees Sanni

Problem Statement

How might we fundraise money to stop roadkill?


Customer / Problem

With deforestation affecting more and more of our bush, native wildlife - especially koalas - are facing endangerment. Koalas don't have enough tree space, and in the search of a better home often end up getting killed on our roads.


There are already some steps being taken to help reduce road deaths for native wildlife, such as possum/koala bridges. However, this is not enough and the death toll for koalas is still concerning. This is why we have come up with the solution of a eucalyptus oil spray that could be used to attract koalas to existing bridges to ensure a safe journey to a new home. This would allow the koala populations to begin regeneration, with the support of conservation initiatives. 

a koala crossing road sign

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