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Promoting an environmentally conscious mindset in schools

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Malia, Ella, Milena, Miranda, Bethany

Problem Statement

How might we use the natural resources in the school to create stress free environments for students?


Customer / Problem

Schools aren't best taking advantage of the resources and space that they have. There aren't enough practical applications and integrations of the content we learn in class within our school community. Due to the long hours for both teachers and students at school spent sitting down, there are a lot of wasted opportunities to expend energy in a healthy way.


Our solution is to start up a mobile gardening initiative that we would pilot at our school, Toronto High, but aim to roll out to schools across New South Wales. This would consist of a series of smart gardens installed on school premises. We would have a range of innovative designs that we could cater specifically to suit the space and any limitations it may have, as we understand that a big problem in schools is often having the grounds and facilities available for extensions. The gardens could be installed with access on rooftops, or in the back of trailers. Through this gardening program, we want to lift student and staff wellbeing by incorporating an outdoor interactive element into everyday education.

prototypes of the garden designs made from origami and pipe cleaners

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