Talkin' Trash

Raising awareness for the importance of clean communities

Student Project

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New Idea

Project Team:

Oscar Rook, Harlen May, Maggie Richardson , Madeline Gunthorpe, Matko Leko

Problem Statement

How might we motivate the public to reduce litter?


Customer / Problem

More than 30% of Australia's agricultural land is considered "severely degraded".

Each person produces approximately 1.5 tonnes of waste every year. However, the public aren't aware of the extent to which their choice to litter impacts the pollution of our world. 

a beach covered in rubbish


Talkin' Trash is a mobile schools initiative dedicated to teaching young people about the impact that pollution is having on this world in order to inspire them to become dedicated members of community combating polluting at a macro scale (i.e, littering). The program would involve fun educational talks, recycling workshops, excursions and a range of interactive activities. Ultimately, our aim is to have a positive impact on our community by reducing individual and collective waste through each person's accountability. 


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Wellington Point State High School





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