Tap Bike Rewards | Advocating for the environment and the safety of our roads

Project Team:

Izabel Christopher , Mohammed Lozi , Viona Beljeri , Samara Graham


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

How might we incentivise primary students to use bikes more?


Customer / Problem

Cars on the roads create an excessive amount of pollution, block up areas with traffic and can pose safety hazards for pedestrians and wildlife.

People tend to drive instead of using alternatives such as walking, public transport or cycling. Children in particular are affected by this problem as younger years are key in healthy habit building and physical development.

We intend to market our product to the parents of primary school students who are invested in their children's wellbeing as well as the state of the environment.



What Is Your Solution?

Tap Bike Rewards is a mobile app that rewards users with a digital incentive points system every time they use their bike. The app will not only promote healthier lifestyle habits by getting young people out and about, but it will also reduce the amount of cars on the roads. This will help to combat pollution and traffic congestion in our local area, ultimately creating a safer community and healthier environment.

a POV shot of a bike being ridden

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Merrimac State High School